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Peanut Butter Smooth 300gr KISS THE EARTH
A 100% natural product, no food additives, no sugar, no salt and no preservatives.
Eaten as is, as a spread on bread or toast, it is without a doubt a product that will fill your breakfast enjoyment, health and energy, and what's more you can also add it to your pastries!


Kiss the Earth Peanut Butter Crunchy 300gr
Gluten free Sugarless Vegan
Pure peanut butter from Chios, without added palm oil, salt or sugar. With crunchy pieces of peanuts.


Kiss the Earth Peanut Butter with Raw Cocoa & Sea Salt 300gr
Sugarless Vegan
Pure peanut butter from Chios, without added palm oil and sugar. With sea salt and raw raw cocoa.    


Kiss the Earth Mixture of Butter with Chiot Honey & Raw Cocoa (Nuts About Cocoa & Pure Honey) 300gr
Mixture of hazelnut and pistachio pulps with pure honey from Chios and raw raw cocoa. Healthy and delicious, it has it all.

Kiss the Earth Nuts About Crunchy Peanuts with Coconut Sugar 300gr
Pure peanut butter from Chios, with crunchy pieces of peanuts and a sweet caramel flavor from the coconut sugar! Does not contain palm oil, salt and preservatives!


Kiss the Earth Whole Grain Tahini 300gr
Sugarless Vegan
Pure tahini from Kiss the Earth, without added preservatives, palm oil and sugar. Healthy and delicious, worth a try!


Kiss the Earth Mixture with Whole Tahini, Peanut Butter & Carob Syrup (Nuts About Carob Syrup) 300gr
Sugarless Vegan

Kiss the Earth has created an amazing flavor spread with carob honey, whole grain tahini and peanut butter. A healthy treat not to be missed!

Super set Peanut and Tahini 7x jars 300gr

22,00 €Price
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