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Handmade Ceramic Jug Carafe White Blue Mud


Handmade ceramic carafe jug with cork in white blue color. A useful jug for your kitchen or a modest decorative item for your dining room.


A handmade decorative utensil for various uses or a simple decorative object for your dining room or kitchen. Ceramics have the property of maintaining the temperature of the liquid for longer than glass.

 Dishwasher safe
100% Handmade
Because it is handmade each piece is unique.

Dimensions: Height 12.5 cm. Diameter 7 cm.

Ilys Ceramics is a workshop that takes its name from the etymology of the word "ilys" which means mud. The workshop is located in the traditional village of Margarites in Rethymno and its creator is Manolis Chalkiadakis. Growing up in Margarites, Manolis managed to modernize traditional utilitarian ceramics by creating something special.

Handmade Ceramic Jug Carafe White Blue Mud

11,20 €Price
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