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The Formula 1 of hammering benches! With the steep ramps and the racing stripes on the side, every descent will be a race to the finish. The marbles are sent on their way with the robust hammer.
The stable pedestal gives this motor skills toy a secure base. 3, 2, 1, go!


Age recommendation:    18m+ / Για παιδιά ηλικίας άνω των 18μηνών


A robust 2-in-1 hammering bench and marble run made of wood
Comes in a popular racetrack look with marble and race cars
Two building variations are possible
Comes with a stable base
Incl. hammer, marble, and car made of wood as well as ramps made of plastic
Trains motor skills and hand-eye coordination
Brightly coloured, child-friendly design



Hammering Marble Run Rallye by Legler Small Foot

SKU: 10601
29,00 €Price
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