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Erofili, that premium semi-dry liatiko! A rosé, inspired by the work of the same name of Georgios Chortatzis, perhaps the greatest poetic figure in Cretan literature, a poet equal to Shakespeare. A rosé on a par with the wines of Provence. Opening a bottle, the first aromas transport to another time, a time of intrigues and passion, princesses in palaces, unrequited, knightly love, chivalry and the choir sings the finest of aftertastes. A wine of such rosiness as the tender appearance of Erofili herself. A peak of taste and all the pathos of Panaretos (lover of Erofili) in a single bottle. Panaretos (the ‘ever-virtuous’ one) and our wine. A secret wedding of excellent raw materials and high-tech wine making. A wine that is produced using the saignée technique (bleeding) at 4 degrees for 10 hours, which is followed by the classic white wine making process. Strawberry aromas, cherry and sour cherry aromas spark the sensations and soften the palate. A story with a lot to take the breath away. A wine of complexity, sturdy body, balanced acidity and powerful aftertaste; a wine with a plot to weave. Our own Erofili takes us by the hand to initiate us into a winding wine path to pen a new story as the rising star of Agrunion of Heraklion. Tasted in international competitions, and always coming out on top.

Best served at 12°C.

It can be ideally paired with:
Shellfish, Asian cuisine, sushi, caramelised fruit. Try it on its own as an aperitif.

An award-winning wine!
Gold award in the rosé wine category, PAR Wine Award International 2021, 92 PAR points, Germany (2020 vintage).<strong>You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product.

By purchasing, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.  

Erofili Rosé Wine by Agrunion 75cl 12.5% ABV - Cretan Rosé Wine

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